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The Best TV Series of 2020 (So Far)

拉斯维加斯手机版登入From riveting sports docuseries to vampire comedies.

best tv shows of 2020
Elaine Chung

拉斯维加斯手机版登入Existentialism. Political divides. Pooping on yourself.

These are the themes (or at the minimum, episode-long plot points) in some of this year's best television series. Seriously, if you want to skip that "pooping on yourself" thing, maybe pass on Dave. Otherwise, the television of 2020 is a bit of a mirror for our current times—the best of television this year skewers politics and identity and focuses on the things that unite us. Actually, it's quite nice?

In the more prestige series you can expect to see Al Pacino out here hunting Nazis, Cynthia Erivo solving murders, Cate Blanchett trying to reset American feminism, and a reality TV show拉斯维加斯手机版登入 that teaches viewers a bit about authenticity.

拉斯维加斯手机版登入We're in a time where TV is more necessary than ever—whether it's to connect with the world or disconnect with a little bit of fantasy. And thankfully, this is also a time in human history where we have more access to television than ever before. With so many empty hours at home, the only hurdle to binging is making the decision of what to watch next and where. If you're looking for something new, we have you covered, with the best TV series of 2020 so far.

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I May Destroy You

Though still in the middle of its first season, this BBC One and HBO creation from Michaela Coel is one of the frontrunners for best new series of 2020. Coel stars as Arabella, a woman whose drink was spiked one night, leading to her sexual assault. The dramedy series follows Arabella as she tries to piece together the memories of her assault while also processing her status as a survivor of sexual assault. The series seems a bit severe on the surface, but the writing and execution takes the brutality of a heinous crime and wraps it in a mix of vulnerability, strength, and dark humor, creating something so far-removed from survivor stories you've seen in the past.

I'll Be Gone in the Dark

The story of the Golden State Killer is a daunting one. Over the course of more than a decade, an unnamed monster raped 50 women and killed 13 more across the state of California. Years later, one woman named Michelle McNamara became obsessed with the case, breaking it wide open with previously undiscussed evidence and leads. Her work, chronicled in the book I'll Be Gone in the Dark拉斯维加斯手机版登入, inspires the HBO documentary of the same name. The six-part series dissects McNamara's extensive investigative work, her untimely passing, the arrest of Joseph James DeAngelo, and most importantly: how the survivors of DeAngelo's rampage have managed to cope all these years later.

Perry Mason

The modern Perry Mason拉斯维加斯手机版登入 has gotten quite a reboot. This HBO miniseries, starring Matthew Rhys, provides a stunning and stylish update to the mid-century CBS courtroom drama. What the miniseries sometimes lacks in coherent narrative is made up for with the incredible talents of Rhys, John Lithgow, and Tatiana Maslany. Pair that with the series' noir-style approach, and the relatively light-hearted franchise is all set for the dark angle it needs to be relevant in 2020.

The Great

Catherine the Great is having a moment. Late last year, the Russian ruler came to HBO in Catherine, a four-part miniseries starring Helen Mirren as the legendary empress in the twilight of her life. On the opposite end of the spectrum is this year’s Catherine offering: Hulu’s The Great, a 10-episode historical comedy starring Elle Fanning as the young German princess shipped off to Russia to become a bride for the depraved and dangerous Emperor Peter III. Fanning is sensational as the naive and idealistic Catherine, whose illusions about love and marriage are quickly dispelled by the dawning reality that Peter is a violent, capricious, small-minded man—and a danger to Russia. Catherine vows to dethrone him and take over as the visionary ruler of a more progressive Russia, but unseating a despot is never easy. Nicholas Hoult is sensational as Peter, bringing a thousand shades of whimsical cruelty to the violent delights of the Russian court. But as we know from history, even in this “occasionally true” story, it’s Catherine who gets the last “huzzah!”

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The team behind Last Chance U brought their visionary documentary-making style to the world of competitive collegiate cheerleading with Cheer, Netflix’s six-part docuseries about the Navarro College Bulldogs Cheer Team from Corsicana, Texas. Shot over the course of one academic year, leading up to the nail-biting national competition in Daytona Beach, the series spotlights the breathtaking athleticism of a sport too often viewed as window dressing. Each episode is a master class in educating viewers about the fundamentals of cheerleading—by episode two, even the previously uninitiated will be critiquing form as cheerleaders pinwheel through the air. Cheer拉斯维加斯手机版登入 also excels at situating personal stories amid the team story, with each episode profiling a different cheerleader’s long, winding, and often painful path to discovering kinship and belonging in the world of cheerleading.

The Last Dance

Sometimes, you can measure your own greatness by how much you’re pissing other people off. If we’re going by that metric, then The Last Dance, ESPN’s documentary about the Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls dynasty, was a hell of a success. Scottie PippenHorace Grant… even Ken Burns lobbed hater bombs at the 10-part docuseries. Regardless, director Jason Hehir can rest easy knowing that he made a documentary almost as great as its subject. At first, he had MJ cackling, burning through a glass of whiskey, and talking shit like it was ’98 again—but later, had him tearing up, realizing on camera what exactly he lost at the cost of greatness.

Normal People

Even though it might be remembered for delivering the great sexual reawakening of the coronavirus pandemic (via a tiny silver chain and Connell’s how-short-are-your-short-shorts IRL counterpart, Paul Mescal), Normal People has plenty of other accomplishments. Really, it did the impossible, turning Sally Rooney’s uber-interior novel of the same name into a beautiful, visually striking depiction of young love. Normal People nailed the chemistry between Irish teenagers Connell Waldron and Marianne Sheridan—a relationship that includes so few words that a mumbled What you mean? ends up sounding like dirty talk.

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What We Do in the Shadows

The first season of the TV adaptation of Taika Waititi's beloved vampire comedy was a great example of how this story can work in an episodic format. But the second season has brought the show to new heights, finding the heart and hilarity in a group of incompetent vampires in Staten Island.

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We're Here

Queer Eye was rebooted about three years ago and stole the heart of America, but a couple years later, it's actually an HBO series that really gets the format correct. Led by three drag queens, the series bounces around rural America, taking three subjects each episode and working with them to put on a drag show in their small towns. If that sounds campy or flippant, watch the series. The masterfully shot six episodes dive into complex narratives of life in rural America, the conflicting politics that divide liberal big cities from smaller communities, and the fragile threads of humanity that hold us together. Beneath the makeup and choreography exists a universal story of humans who simply wish to be understood.


Amazon's Upload follows the trend (one that Amazon has particularly come to admire) of televisions series that explore the intersection of humanity and technology. In this one in particular, a man is uploaded to the cloud after his premature death in a suspicious car accident. His "upload" is sponsored by his rich girlfriend—a painfully narcissistic woman who seems to lack the humanity that fuels the project. What the series, and their relationship, evolves into though is a complex look at how humans view mortality and the desire to be gods of our own design. With equal parts humor, romance, and sci-fi, Upload拉斯维加斯手机版登入 is one of the easiest watches on television this year.

Mrs. America

The Cate Blanchett-led series about the tumultuous fight for equal rights in the '70s is just as good as its stacked cast suggests it might be. Following some of the most notable figures of Second Wave Feminism, Mrs. America takes a look at the women who fueled the movement (and one, in particular, who really tried to hold it back). The series's approach to storytelling is addictive, managing to create mini-vignettes of each lead character that also advance the plot of the series. If there's a single series in serious contention for best of 2020 so far, it's Mrs. America.

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Tiger King

Tiger King swept popular culture at a time when the world really needed a distraction, and if one story has the power to draw attention, it's the strange tale of Joseph Maldonado-Passage (better known as Joe Exotic). The seven-episode docuseries looks into the bizarre world of big cat owners Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, and Doc Antle. Not sold? By the time you've finished the series, there's an assassination plot, a three-way marriage, an alligator explosion, and an unsolved murder mystery.


The sweeping overview of Dave reads like a perfectly bizarre mad-lib situation: a comedic, Jewish rapper leads the series, while he's supported by his bipolar hype man, his Wall Street-focused roommate, and his kindergarten teacher girlfriend. He goes by the name "Lil Dicky," and yes, that's a penis pun. The overview sounds painfully juvenile, but the execution—the execution拉斯维加斯手机版登入—is some of the most thoughtful television on the air. The FX-Hulu series offers thoughtful, sincere looks into friendship, mental illness, and following your dreams... no matter how incredibly daunting they may be.

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Alex Garland's new mini-series centers on Sonoya Mizuno's Lily Chan who is an engineer for a fictional quantum computing tech giant called Amaya. When her boyfriend Sergei goes missing, she's caught up in a plot of corporate espionage and a technology that fundamentally changes the existential notions of human existence. It's a challenging plot, which should not come as a surprise for fans of Garland's other works like Annihilation and Ex Machina. But if you can put in the mental effort, it's absolutely worth it.

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The Good Place

With its final four episodes, The Good Place managed to produce a series finale that was both satisfying and believable, nailing a concept that has been attempted by a whole slew of prestige dramas, to no avail. The Good Place bowed out earlier this year after four seasons, and while it was steeped in lessons about philosophy and ethics, the series settled on a message that transcends time or academic teachings—people matter most. Michael Schur’s sitcom-that-could took nods from The Leftovers and Lost and managed to create a comedy as smart as it was touching. With so many series moving to premium cable and streaming platforms, The Good Place is proof that network can still serve an incredible series.

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Schitt's Creek

Throughout Schitt’s Creek’s six seasons, Dan Levy’s comedy series managed to consistently outdo itself when it comes to storytelling. Now, with only a few episodes of story left, Levy and his father have been tasked with wrapping up their series this year. Sure, Schitt’s Creek could have gone in the way of fan-service, but instead, it has spent 2020 crafting thoughtful, realistic finales for each of its characters. Even the best comedies have a way of tapping into something emotional, and the series is bowing out on a note that is equal parts hilarious and poignant. Yes, it was always expected that Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy would ground the sitcom, but the talents of Annie Murphy, Emily Hampshire拉斯维加斯手机版登入, and Noah Reid have only driven the show’s level of talent through the roof.


Amazon Prime’s Hunters is a bit of a mixed bag because on one hand, it’s an incredible series with a pretty cool premise: in 1970s America, Nazi hunters discover that there’s a Fourth Reich being built in the United States; it’s their mission to stop it. Great, right? But also, it repurposes and tries to exaggerate past tactics the Nazis used拉斯维加斯手机版登入, which… isn’t great. Even still, Hunters has a Quentin Tarantino-vibe, stars Logan Lerman and Al Pacino, and was produced in part by Jordan Peele. And it highlights a dark period on the record of the Allies, who really did bring Nazis to the U.S. for specialized work with NASA. But more than anything, it drives home a two-word mantra that I think we can all get behind: fuck Nazis.

The Outsider

The adaptation of Stephen King’s 2018 novel The Outsider拉斯维加斯手机版登入 is one of the year’s first doses of “prestige drama.” Starring Ben Mendelsohn and Cynthia Erivo, the HBO miniseries starts out like a standard investigation into a particularly grisly murder of a young boy. But this is Stephen King we’re talking about. The series introduces supernatural elements that upend the investigation and make those closest to the crime more confused than ever. Beyond a scary plot, Mendelsohn and Erivo’s performances are next level, setting quite a high bar for this upcoming awards season.

The Circle

Is it weird to include Netflix’s big reality show of 2020 on the “Best TV” list? On paper, yes. But for anyone who watched The Circle, it reads less like a reality competition show and more like a commentary on internet behavior. The premise: a group of competitors are housed in an apartment complex. They can’t see one another, and they can only interact through a social media platform called “The Circle.” You can be yourself or a catfish, but the objective remains the same: stay liked and don’t get eliminated. What blossomed from the big Netflix experiment was that (at least in this season) authenticity reigned supreme, and hey, that’s something worth believing in.

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